"Entertainment District" Residential Upswing

Study area:
The square bounded by Queen, Spadina, King and Simcoe streets.

Study period:
Approximately 1999 - 2003.

A: circa 1999.
B: circa 2003.

Buildings missing in B and present in A:
- None?

Buildings missing in A and present in B:
- Matrix 1 and 2 condominiums (Front at Blue Jays Way)
- Apex 1 and 2 condominiums (Front at Spadina)
- Soho Metropolitan condominium and hotel (Wellington at Peter)
- District Lofts condominium (Richmond at Spadina)
- Charlotte Lofts condominium (Charlotte at Adelaide)
- Icon 1 and 2 condominiums (Wellington at Peter)
- Le Germain hotel (Mercer Street)
- ...?

Image A with areas in question highlighted red: